Snack Pizza

You need

  • Pre-cooked pizza dough (we used the sourdough from Bread Panaderos)
  • Tomatoes for the sauce, preferably a can with already peeled tomatoes for convenience
  • Peppers
  • Purple Onion
  • Olives, we recommend the ones from Salsa Norte


Crush/grind the tomatoes a bit, cook the tomato sauce and add seasonings such as salt, pepper, spices of your choice. Put onion, pepper, olives on the bread base.

Bake at medium temperature for about 15/30 minutes, this step will depend a little on your oven, you can keep it under observation until you achieve your desired result.

The botanera part 🌶: we put our North Habanero Sauce with Pineapple on one and we put the Mix of Grains and Chile Morita on the other, the limit of combinations does not really exist.

Important: the point is to have fun, add whatever you have available in the fridge and the amounts you want

Set it North!